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Since my teenage years, at the end of high school, I discovered this magnificent domain that is computer science, and since then, through school or personal projects, I have inked my passion in my trainings and in my hobbies. In self-learning, I discovered many fields, such as OOP programming, software, video games or the Web.

Today, one part of computer science attracts me, impresses me, fascinates me particularly. It is the field of artificial intelligence, I think it is a field of the future, if not the field of the future of computer science. A field, as much as the video game field, in which I would like to work.

I am not only interested in computer science, I am also a great sportsman, who likes a little bit all sports but especially Running, Tennis or Volley-Ball. I have participated in many long-distance races, I am a member of a tennis club and I have played Volleyball in many contexts. I am also a big fan of Internet culture, anime, and video games.